Coastal Walks We Love

Coastal Walks We Love

At Freeworld, we’re obsessed with blue space – water, and the massive rush of calm you get from being near any kind of water. That includes the ocean, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, ponds – or even a small water feature.

Around 85 per cent of Australians are lucky enough to live within 50 km of the coast, so we can always catch a breath of the comparatively cleaner and brighter air that seems to be near the sea.

By the way, we don’t have favourites. An hour’s free time could see us headed to the Bay Run in Sydney’s inner west (or iconic Bondi-to-Bronte in the east), the Capital City Trail along Melbourne’s Yarra River, or Brisbane Riverwalk right here in our home town.

Better planning and a bigger chunk of time could see us headed an hour or more out of town. There’s so much choice, we’ve rounded up our favourite listicles of where to walk waterside in each state capital.









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