Walk with Australia

Walk with Australia

The transformational benefits of walking
Freeworld Australia Recovery

Art of Recovery

Discover, explore, run wild, get free. Born in Australia and made to roam the world, Freeworld Australia is the nearest thing you’ll get to foot freedom – soft and bare yet supportive.

Choose your way to walk with Australia.

The Freeworld Australia range is designed to protect and preserve your feet as you move through your world. Each design has been created for the different phases your feet go through during the course of your everyday life.

Performance and comfort: Baywalker

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Make friends with the miles: Comfort Plus

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Relax, refresh and recover: Bio-Thongs

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Freeworld Australia Comfort Plus is the ultimate all-purpose walking shoe. The unique design works to keep you on your feet no matter how far you have to go.


Comfort Plus - Wheat



Comfort Plus - Mist



Comfort Plus - Navy



Comfort Plus - Black

Walk Yourself Well

Walk yourself well and recover the Australian way, with ergonomic design that makes use of skin-soft Elanothene® EVA. Why do we call our range ‘Bio’? Well, it’s because of the of our biomechanical design that considers the whole foot and the muscles you use to walk.

Freeworld Australia technology incorporates a sculpted and supportive arch and a massaging footbed. A rocking profile gently refreshes feet and warms down muscles after a long day on your feet. The super-deep footbed protects against habitually hard heel strikes, prolonging your walking. At the same time, the curved profile safeguards and unflexes toes for the wind-down you deserve.

Get Well On The Go

At Freeworld Australia, we know many people suffer from acute heel, nerve and joint pain in the feet. This can be caused by undiagnosed bone injuries, ligament damage or inflammation. We’re on a mission to help.

The Freeworld Collections

Freeworld Australia Original Comfort
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Freeworld Australia Original Recovery Sandal
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Freeworld Australia Comfort Plus
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Wellness on our minds

Walking with Freeworld Australia allows us to find mental clarity, breathe freely and appreciate our moments in and with the world around us. Walking yourself well comes equally from the physical, mental and emotional freedom of escaping your four walls – whether those walls are made of bricks and mortar or ones created in our own minds. Walk with Australia to find health, wellness and a determination to reclaim the connection to our environment that, for so long, felt lost forever.