What will Freeworld Recovery do for you - all at an affordable price.

Freeworld Shoes may help to relieve painful plantar fasciitis and promote correct arch support.

  Odour Resistant - keeps your feet feeling fresher for longer before or after a workout
Non-Marking - superior grip with a non-marking sole
Cloud Technology - using a high grade polymer/rubber material, it gives you a pillow soft feel that will help reduce and absorb impact with each step, while maintaining a lightweight feel
Thicker Midsole Width - gives extra cushioning and support while protecting the feet and helping in weight and pressure distribution
Arch Support - cradles your foot and provides relief to your arch after a long period of being cramped up in a sports or other shoe
Rocking Sensation - provides enhanced relief on the foot and legs through the rebounding motion and ergonomic design, this helps mimic a natural walking motion
Waterproof and Easy Clean - wear with confidence in wet conditions and hand wash for easy maintenance
Massage Footbed - Gently relieves the wearer adding to comfort and a feeling of wellbeing