Podiatry recommended

We work with Podiatrists to make sure your feet walk the right way.

When designing a shoe for walking yourself well, stability and cushioning are paramount. Anyone can put cushioning in a shoe - getting it right is the hard part.

Good footwear makes a difference

There are lot's of problems your feet can encounter on their journey. We've been working with podiatrists to help prevent them.

Plantar fasciitis

This inflammatory pain of the plantar fascia, on the bottom of the foot, is linked to a range of factors including predisposition and over-intense activity. Freeworld’s extra arch support helps provide relief.


Inflammation of the metatarsal bones, which may be caused by medical conditions and factors including an over-intense sports regime or wearing incorrect footwear. Freeworld’s shock absorbing soles and extra arch support help provide relief.

Blisters and corns

Recovery is a guiding principle for each Freeworld shoe, and we’ve developed skin-soft, lightweight and airy uppers across our collections to alleviate uncomfortable skin conditions such as blisters, corns and athlete’s foot.

Meet DR Mo

We've collaborated with Muhammad Maarj AKA 'Dr Mo' - the renowned Sydney Podiatrist - in creating a range of footwear that gets his tick. He knows his stuff, and that stuff is what FREEWORLD© shoes are made of.

Mr Muhammad (Mo) Maarj

Sports Podiatrist
BPod MAPodA PhD Candidate

Member of:
· The Australian Podiatry Association
· The Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine
· Sports Medicine Australia
· The Australian Paediatric Podiatry group
· The Ehlers-Danlos Society International Consortium

"We see a lot of patients with forefoot pathologies and I'm excited to create footwear that helps prevent them"