Walk yourself well

Walking is low impact, yet as beneficial as any other exercise. It gets you into the world, into the fresh air and allows you to think of things other than physical exertion.

Walking impacts physical, mental & emotional health

Improve memory, creativity, self esteem and sociability. May reduce risk of stroke.

Improve cardiovascular health and reduce risk of heart attack.

Reverse decades-long deterioration in aerobic capacity.

Reduce risk of obesity & type 2 Diabetes.

Protect the colon through heightened gastric motility and toxin elimination

Increase bone density & lower risk of hip fracture.

Improve synovial fluid flow and the body’s anti-inflammatory process.

Prevent muscle wasting, activate anti-ageing processes and repair DNA.

For many, walking is the best medicine, requiring no specialised equipment or expensive gym memberships. It’s the natural course to well being and is accessible to anyone at any age.

Let your mind wander as freely as your feet.

At FREEWORLD©, we want to design footwear that helps you walk yourself well and reap the benefits of nature’s best exercise - and that means protecting and supporting your feet while you do it.

The average person walks roughly 120,000km in their lifetime - that’s a long way and you want to do it right. Many people suffer from foot related heel, nerve and joint pain - most stemming from incorrect footwear.

Here are some of the common problems people face and how our designs help relieve and protect against them.

Plantar fasciitis

This inflammatory pain of the plantar fascia, on the bottom of the foot, is linked to a range of factors including predisposition and over-intense activity. Freeworld’s extra arch support helps provide relief.


Inflammation of the metatarsal bones, which may be caused by medical conditions and factors including an over-intense sports regime or wearing incorrect footwear. Freeworld’s shock absorbing soles and extra arch support help provide relief.

Blisters and corns

Recovery is a guiding principle for each Freeworld shoe, and we’ve developed skin-soft, lightweight and airy uppers across our collections to alleviate uncomfortable skin conditions such as blisters, corns and athlete’s foot.

Walking yourself well underlies everything we do at FREEWORLD©. Whether its for fitness, wellbeing, or both, our shoes will help you do it.