We’ve designed a range of ergonomic footwear that looks after your feet during each aspect of your daily life: walking, strolling, standing and recovering. Each of these activities has its own unique requirements - That’s why we created the TRIFECTA ranges of WALKING©, COMFORT©, and RECOVERY©.


Though walking is seen as gentle, it still creates impact. A serious walk calls for a serious walking shoe.
Our WALKING© range is designed to enable you to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of walking whilst minimising the wear and tear it causes.


The natural state of the conscious human is movement. When you are standing still, you are using the same muscle groups constantly. That’s why it hurts. That’s why you need our COMFORT© range. Comfortable shoes capable of compensating the strain.


Recovery is an important aspect of daily life that gets little thought. Comfortable and well rested feet are key to our wellbeing. The RECOVERY© range was created to ensure you can keep your feet rested and happy.