Freeworld takes on OutDoor by ISPO: Breaking New Ground

Freeworld takes on OutDoor by ISPO: Breaking New Ground

OutDoor by ISPO is an annual trade fair running from June 4 to 6, 2023, in Munich, Germany. The mega-event brings together retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and experts worldwide to exchange knowledge, network, and do business. OutDoor by ISPO features a range of activities, such as keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and product demonstrations. 

With a legacy of 50 years, ISPO has developed from a simple sports expo into an all-encompassing event to discover the latest advancements in trends, safety, warehousing and technical solutions. 

As ISPO returns this year for its second show since COVID began, companies across the globe are itching to present their revolutionary products and ideas – and Freeworld Australia is no exception. We are extremely excited to attend ISPO – not just as an observer discovering new trends, but as a valued participant as we showcase our Footwear of The Future, network with industry leaders and get an exclusive look at the latest products!

Anticipated Trends at OutDoor by ISPO

One trend we're particularly interested in seeing at ISPO is the continued emphasis on sustainability. As a company committed to providing eco-friendly products that meet our customer's needs, we're excited to see the industry's continued focus on environmentally responsible practices. It's encouraging to witness the steps being taken towards a more sustainable future, and we can't wait to discover new products that align with our values at Freeworld Australia.

As a younger company, we are conscious of every step we take towards improving our processes and practices – without greenwashing or making unrealistic promises. We believe this honest commitment begins with a simple question as we develop each product component – 'can we make this piece more sustainable?'. And although we may not always win, we always do our best. Sustainability is a long walk…one we are happy to do together.

We also anticipate technology galore. Innovative wearable technology has always been an integral element of ISPO. We're eager to learn how advanced materials, app integration, and wearable technology will continue to shape the outdoor sports industry. At Freeworld, we're already exploring ways to incorporate these exciting innovations into our new footwear ranges, so we can continue offering our customers the best performance and style.

Freeworld at ISPO OutDoor – Footwear of the Future

At Freeworld, we are proud to push the boundaries of what is possible in footwear design, and our latest range is no exception. Our team has worked tirelessly to explore and test cutting-edge materials and technologies to set ourselves apart from the rest, with a strong focus on honest sustainability, innovation, and comfort. 

Recycled textiles, natural rubber soles, and coffee-powered manufacturing processes (yes, coffee!) are just a few unique elements on display. Coffee and walking go hand in hand and as sure as we will never give up walking – we would never dream of giving up coffee! And so here we are, as one, with coffee literally embedded in our ‘sole’.

We aim to establish Freeworld (and Australia) as a key player in the future of innovative walking in the European market. In addition to our beloved original Recovery, Walking, and Comfort ranges, we are thrilled to introduce our latest designs to the wide world of ISPO. 

So if you're attending ISPO, we invite you to visit our stall and experience our revolutionary designs firsthand. Not only will you be able to see our products up close, but we're also providing free cups and sachets of Brew Ha Ha coffee – our co-founders favourite coffee roasters in the beating of Sydney.

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