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Go the distance in comfort. Air-cooled, biomechanically-structured, ultra-light. Walk your way. Walk with Australia.

The Freeworld Australia Baywalker is a walking shoe designed for distance. If you want to take on serious walking on a daily basis, we suggest having a look at our top of the range, ergonomically designed sports walker. The Elanothene® midsole cushions your foot and reduces impact on your legs. Greater exertion brings higher strains to hips, knees and ankles. The Baywalker is dedicated to care for your body, freeing you to work on your mind.

The rubber sole provides the extra protection you need to ensure the increased activity doesn’t wear away the softer material that makes it such a delight to wear. As with the Freeworld Australia Comfort Plus, you’ll feel like you’re walking on air due to the super-thick and cushioned midsole. The cushioned tongue and reinforced arch support in the interior cradle your foot. At the same time, it maintains optimum positioning, engineered to mould to the shape of your individual foot.

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Odour-resistant | Non-marking/scuffing | Machine-washable | EVA+ technology | Impact absorption | Massage footbed | Air-ventilation | Hypoallergenic | Arch support | Memory-shaping bounce-back