Comfort Plus
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Complete comfort. Air-cooled, biomechanically-structured, ultra-light. Walk forever.

Freeworld Australia Comfort Plus is the ultimate all-purpose walking shoe. The unique design works to keep you on your feet no matter how far you have to go. Don’t be distracted by aching feet and ill-fitting shoes. With Freeworld Australia Comfort Plus, you can continue walking for many hours longer than you ever thought possible. Give yourself the bandwidth to think clearly and enjoy your surroundings, which is one of the most significant benefits of walking.

Designed for people who spend time on their feet for either exercise or work, the Comfort Plus has been created to reduce fatigue and speed recovery time at the end of the day.

The high-density EVA sole is strengthened on the base, providing for extra wear and tear in high impact areas (including cushioning for heel-strikes). At the same time, the more vulnerable areas of your foot are cosseted, maintaining softness, arch structure and impact absorption. The hardened rubber and EVA sole is heavily ridged to provide a non-slip surface on all terrain. The variety of cooling, neutral tones of the Air Quick Sandwich mesh upper mean it is at home with both active wear and every day clothing.

Take a little bit of Aussie sunshine with you wherever you choose to walk.

The Comfort Plus’s unorthodox looks mean you’ll stand out in the crowd for not just fun and a distinctive The immediately obvious comfort and practicality this unique walking shoe offers is also unique.
If you’re wondering ‘why the golden eyelet’ it’s a nod to the Golden outdoor lifestyle that Australia offers. The sun, the sky, the beaches, the ocean, our fields of grain and the national flower, the Golden Wattle.

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Odour-resistant | Non-marking/scuffing | Machine-washable | EVA+ technology | Impact absorption | Massage footbed | Air-ventilation | Hypoallergenic | Arch support | Memory-shaping bounce-back