Freeworld Australia and the Science of Recovery

Each pair of Freeworld shoes is engineered for foot support and long-term wellbeing

Stay on the move longer with Freeworld footwear, packed with features that support your stride throughout the day.

Our technology ensures full foot care, whether active or taking it easy.

keeps your feet feeling fresher for longer before or after a workout

not even our black or coloured soles will mark floors

wear with confidence in wet conditions and hand wash for easy maintenance

superior ventilation and hypoallergenic materials on all designs

featuring our EVA foam-cushioning technology for superior shock absorption

each sole is shaped to cradle the foot and promote arch support

ergonomic sole design designed to strengthen lower leg through rebounding motion

subtle contours on insole that gently stimulate feet

simply machine-wash or hand wash, and they’ll bounce right back into shape

R4 stands for Relax, Repair, Refresh, Recover.


The massaging footbed and curved profile means that the sole of your foot is in the perfect position to de-stress at every point. Toes are extended and unflexed after hours of confinement in gym shoes. Heels are protected from further impact and the feather-light, skin-soft material creates an almost barefoot feeling.


When you’ve been on your feet for long periods of time, your whole body has been in a state of tension. The rocking structure of the slide means that, as you walk, your muscles are extended and stretched. This releases them from habitual standing or walking positions, reducing cramps and allowing the body to repair naturally.


Putting your feet up is not the only way to refresh yourself after a long day. In fact it can be more beneficial to treat your body to a proper warm-down, even if you’ve not technically been doing ‘exercise’. The Freeworld Australia Original Slides allow you to refresh your body as you move, reducing the possibility of stiffness later in the day.


Your feet carry you the whole day. Allowing them to recover before another challenge is essential to reduce fatigue. Fully recovered and revived feet also fill you with more natural energy for the next day. Our recovery slide is guaranteed to make sure you have a spring back in your step the next morning.

Introducing Elanothene+
EVA+ technology

Elanothene is the reason Freeworld Australia’s Comfort collection feels so therapeutic. A trademarked form of lightweight, foam-based EVA cushioning technology, our proprietary material takes its name from the Australian Aboriginal word Elanora – ‘home by the water’ or ‘home by the sea.’

Relax, Refresh, Repair and Recover with Elanothene.

Walk with Australia

Walking is a powerful form of therapy, with multiple health benefits – physical and mental. You could say walking has inspired our entire collection.

Walking 10,000 steps daily is the recommended daily target for healthy adults – and it’s what keeps us young at Freeworld.

We walk to or from meetings. With the kids. Without the kids. Up the stairs. Down again. With the dog. With the sweetheart. With granny. To the pub. From the café. Ten minutes here, 25 minutes there. We walk any opportunity we can. We fight the urge to be lulled into the convenience of a car, or the social pressure to get somewhere faster.

When you walk, you notice little things. Think new thoughts. Unwind a little. And come back with your worries lessened, self-esteem up and mood boosted for the day.

Get into your stride

At Freeworld, we know many people suffer from acute heel, nerve and joint pain in the feet. And we’re on a mission to help.

The thing is, common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis and metatarsalgia are hard to shake.

That’s probably because the average person will walk around 120,000 km in their lifetime, according to Healthline – often while wearing incorrect footwear and not exactly getting younger.

But it helps to take a break from intensity and walk instead – especially with the right foot gear. Customers tell us* our shoes offer relief from common foot problems including:

Plantar fasciitis – this inflammatory pain of the plantar fascia, on the bottom of the foot, is linked to a range of factors including predisposition and over-intense activity. Freeworld’s extra arch support helps provide relief.

Metatarsalgia – inflammation of the metatarsal bones, which may be caused by medical conditions and factors including an over-intense sports regime or wearing incorrect footwear. Freeworld’s shock absorbing soles and extra arch support help provide relief.

Blisters and corns – recovery is a guiding principle for each Freeworld shoe, and we’ve developed skin-soft, lightweight and airy uppers across our collections to alleviate uncomfortable skin conditions such as blisters, corns and athlete’s foot.

From personal experience, we also recommend regular care such as foot massage, ice to alleviate swelling, feet against wall to restore blood flow, and seeing a doctor when the discomfort continues.

* Yep, customers really do tell us that! We’re working on the clinical evidence part.