Recovery x activity = Freeworld

The most comfortable, versatile recovery shoe collection for active men of all ages.
Ultimate walking comfort

Stroll, power-walk or stride in our everyday sneaker collection.

Men’s Freelight Slip-On

Sporty, cool and casual, these ultralight loafers will take you from boardwalk to downtown and back again.
Men’s Bay Walker

We’re so big into walking, we’ve developed our own power walking shoe. Due in market late 2020.

Waterproof, stress-proof and right on trend: shop our Recovery Sandal collection.


Our original recovery thong sandal, with its rocking sole motion that strengthens the arch and ankle.

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A supportive Z-shaped strap, plus our ultra-sporty rocking sole: the ultimate sandal for walking freedom.

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For more fixed support and our trademark rocking stride, our slides offer a soft, stable yet reenergising tread.

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Healing on the go

Being active is tough on your feet. That’s because a standard sports shoe is designed for performance, not recovery. But active people of all ages deserve better. Our flip-flips and sandals are designed to rebuild foot strength with a rocking sole that mimics the contours of the beach, to massage and repair your feet on the go.

The Freeworld difference

Take a look at the tech inside each pair of our recovery treads.