Comfort Plus Sneaker Walking Shoe - Mist

Sale price$139.00
Size: 6W/4.5M
Size & Fit Guide


If you typically wear a UK 8, we recommend ordering a size M9/W11 to ensure the perfect fit.

Our sizing aligns with U.S measurements, so please refer to the size chart below to find the corresponding sizes.

2 4 1 35 22.5
3 5 2 36 23.0
4 6 3 37 23.5
5 7 4 38 24.0
6 8 5 39 25.0
7 9 6 40 25.5
8 10 7 41 26.0
9 11 8 42 27.0
10 12 9 43 27.5
11 13 10 44 28.0
12 14 11 45 29.0
13 15 12 46 29.5


Tips for discovering your Ideal Fit:

  • Measure Both Feet: Feet can vary in size, so it's essential to measure both. Use a ruler to measure the length from the heel to the longest toe.
  • Measure at the End of the Day: Feet tend to swell throughout the day, so measuring them in the evening ensures you get a more accurate size.
  • Choose the Larger Size and Test Fit: Try shoes on both feet to ensure comfort, as feet may vary in size. If you're between sizes, choose the larger one. Adjust fit with thicker socks or insoles if needed.
  • Australian Sizing: For women, US sizing corresponds to Australian sizing.

Optimised for comfort and stability, the COMFORT PLUS is the ultimate, all purpose walking shoe for people on the go.

Designed for Comfort

The COMFORT PLUS has all the features you expect in a walking shoe packaged in a casual, everyday design.

Machine Washable Upper
made from a durable Wool/Polyester/Nylon Mesh

Recycled Ortholite® Insole with high density arch and soft EVA heel support for better heel-strike cushioning

Elanothene+C™ Midsole
for structure, comfort and superior impact absorption

Natural Rubber Outsole
a green, sustainable material

Rocking Sole

Absorbs Impact

Arch Support


Odour Resistant

Made with Elanothene

The COMFORT PLUS+ features our exclusive, skin-soft Elanothene material, designed to promote stability, comfort and superior impact absorption. Worked into its robust midsole, walking in a pair of PLUS’s truly feels like walking on cloud nine.

Built for Stability

Featuring a recycled Ortholite insole, high density arch support and a soft eva heel, the COMFORT PLUS is optimised to support and cushion your stride from heel to toe, giving you maximum comfort and stability.

Comfortably Cool

Our washable, breathable mesh upper is made from hypoallergenic materials designed for ventilation and resisting odours - keeping your feet cool and comfortable all day long. Combined with a non scuff outsole, the COMFORT PLUS helps you keep a fresh pace without leaving a mark.


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