If you're searching for the best arch support thongs in Australia, look no further than Freeworld Australia. Made right here in Australia and destined to roam the world, our range of unisex thongs and flip flops provides unbeatable arch support and comfort. They are specifically engineered to address the top five inflammatory, muscular and fatigue-related foot problems.

The anatomically designed footbed of our Australian arch support thongs takes comfort and grip to a whole new level. With the four-way channel outsole that distributes foot weight for superior control, you'll truly feel like you're walking on cloud nine! 

Keep reading to learn how to find your Best Arch Support Thong match! Or click the images below to browse the full range of Freeworld's arch support thongs now.


Choosing the Best Arch Support Thongs for You

Know that you are choosing the best arch support thongs that will help with your recovery and allow you to walk for longer than you thought was possible. 

For Long Days & Fast Movers – Unisex Bio-Thong

Freeworld’s Unisex Bio-Thong represents an evolution of our original recovery thong. With a softer, wider profile, our newest model provides ultimate stretch and relaxation. The Bio-Thong makes itself an essential part of the solution by decompressing your body from a hard day of walking or standing. 



For Everyday Activity – Unisex Flip Flop 

The Freeworld Australia original recovery thong is the original version of our biomechanically engineered Bio-Thong. The anatomically designed footbed offers incredible arch support, while the four-way channel outsole distributes foot weight evenly, making it ideal for all-day activity. 


Not a Fan of Thongs? Check Out Our Arch Support Slides & Arch Support Slip Ons

For the Slow & Steady – Unisex Slides

The Freeworld Australia recovery slides offer a soft and stable yet reenergizing tread and our trademark rocking stride. These Arch Support Slides are perfect for post-workout foot relief and correcting your metatarsal grip as you enjoy the slower, mindful days of walking. 


For Pure Athleisure – Tiptoe Slip-On Sneaker

This slim-profile Arch Support sneaker model feels at home in a Pilates studio, just as it would on a trip to the local market. Featuring a reinforced toe, elasticized sides and mock laces, the Tiptoe uses our own Elanothene foam-based EVA cushioning technology on the removable insole, ensuring all-day foot comfort and recovery. 


The Best Support Thongs for Men & Women

At Freeworld, we design our footwear to suit everyone, regardless of age, gender or lifestyle. We believe that comfort, adaptability and arch support is a basic necessity in all footwear. But we also understand that men and women may have different conditions or activities to require extra support in.

Men's Arch Support Thongs

Our range of Men's arch support thongs is suited for all levels of activity, foot issues and movement. So whether you're on your feet all day and need reliable support to avoid unwanted tension or suffering from a painful foot or ankle condition, our arch support thongs are the perfect solution. 

A few common issues that men suffer from in particular include:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ingrown Toenails
  • Athlete's Foot
  • Gout
  • Bunions
  • Achilles Tendonitis.

The proven technology in Freeworld's Men’s arch support thongs will help prevent and relieve related symptoms and allow you to walk, run and jump back into life with zest. In addition to our support thongs, we also stock slides and sneakers. Explore the full range of Men’s support footwear now! 



Women’s Arch Support Thongs

Studies have shown that women tend to be more vulnerable to specific foot problems than men, mainly from years of wearing narrow-fitting, unsupportive shoes or high-heels. Some of the main foot conditions women suffer from include:

  • Heel Pain from Plantar Fasciitis 
  • Fallen Arches
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes
  • Corns/Calluses/Blisters.

Freeworld's Australian arch support thongs offer all women a stylish, comfortable solution. The superior design of our arch support thongs protects against hard heel strikes, allowing you to stand and walk with ease for longer. In addition, the curved profile allows toes to stretch out, decreasing tension and cramping at the end of a long day on the move. 

If you’re not a fan of thongs, we also have a colourful range of slides and sneakers to choose from. Why not check them out today?



The Superior Technology of our Arch Support Thongs 

Freeworld’s arch support thongs are constructed using our R4 cushioning technology for ultralight comfort and powerful shock absorption for all kinds of activity. R4 stands for Relax, Repair, Refresh, Recover: 

  • Relax – The massaging footbed and curved profile mean that the sole of your foot is in the perfect position to de-stress at every point. Creating an almost barefoot feeling.
  • Repair – The intelligent rocking structure design releases your feet from regular standing or walking positions, reducing cramps and allowing the body to repair naturally.
  • Refresh – Our arch support thongs and slides allow you to refresh your body as you move, reducing the possibility of stiffness later in the day.
  • Recover – Our arch support thongs’ elite material and design are guaranteed to make sure you have a spring back in your step after being on your feet the whole day.

In addition to proven arch support and comfort, Freeworld’s arch support thongs feature highest quality ventilation and hypoallergenic materials in all designs. They are also 100% machine and hand washable and odour-resistant! We believe all of this combined makes them truly the best arch support thongs in Australia. 

Learn more about the Freeworld footwear technology and the 'Science of Recovery' here.

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