Bio-Strap Slide - Electric Blue
Bio-Strap Slide - Electric Blue
Bio-Strap Slide - Electric Blue
Bio-Strap Slide - Electric Blue

Bio-Strap Slide - Electric Blue

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Walk further in our soft and stylish Recovery Bio-Strap Slides, combining control, comfort and the coolness of superior airflow across the tops and sides. Constructed using our trademarked Elanothene® Midsole for ultralight comfort and powerful shock absorption, the Bio-Strap Slide is perfect for all-day wear, wherever you travel.

Arch Support

Rocking sensation

Massage footbed




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Our technology ensures full foot care, whether active or taking it easy.

Keeps your feet feeling fresher for longer before or after a workout

Not even our black or coloured soles will mark floors

Wear with confidence in wet conditions and hand wash for easy maintenance

superior ventilation and hypoallergenic materials on all designs

featuring our EVA foam-cushioning technology for superior shock absorption

each sole is shaped to cradle the foot and promote arch support

ergonomic sole design designed to strengthen lower leg through rebounding motion

subtle contours on insole that gently stimulate feet

simply machine-wash or hand wash, and they’ll bounce right back into shape

Benefits & Features

Arch Support - Elanothene® Midsole

Step into the realm of unparalleled comfort with our Bio-Strap Slides, where every stride is cushioned to perfection by the innovative Elanothene® midsole. Our unique, trademarked EVA compound ensures extra arch support, ultralight comfort and powerful shock absorption for all kinds of activity and walks of life.

Rocking Sensation

The ergonomic sole design of our Unisex Slide promotes a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off, allowing you to easily walk for longer periods of time. This shoe design is most beneficial for those who suffer from tight calf muscles, plantar fasciitis or other lower leg conditions.

Massage Footbed

Our Recovery Slides feature subtle contours on the insole that gently stimulate your feet as you walk, which help to improve blood circulation and alleviate swelling in the feet (edema).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right thong/flip-flop size?

Your thongs should fit like a glove, with minimal space around your toes and heel to ensure optimal arch support and comfort.

Are Freeworld’s thongs and flip-flops good for flat feet?

Yes. We have designed our thongs and flip-flops specifically to suit all walks of life, especially those that require extra arch support.

What are the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

At Freeworld, all of our sneakers, thongs, slip-ons and slides are engineered to provide elite cushioning, arch and heel support to help relieve and prevent the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. 

The shoe you decide on depends on the type of activity. If it is just for general walking, any shoe will work, but our sneakers are best if you are running or undergoing high impact exercise.

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