Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal
Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal
Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal
Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal
Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal
Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal
Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal

Unisex Bio-Thong - Teal

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The Freeworld Australia unisex Bio-Thong represents an incredible evolution of our original recovery thong. With a softer, wider profile, our newest model provides ultimate stretch and relaxation for all walks of life. The anatomically designed footbed combined with the four-way channel outsole distributes weight evenly, truly making you feel like you're walking on cloud nine!

Arch Support

Rocking sensation





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Ultimate Layered Comfort

Benefits & Features

Arch Support - Elanothene® Midsole

Experience the therapeutic comfort of Freeworld Australia's Recovery collection thanks to our revolutionary Elanothene® midsole. This exclusive technology is a proprietary, trademarked form of EVA cushioning that sets our footwear apart. Crafted from lightweight foam, the Elanothene® midsole is specifically engineered to deliver exceptional cushioning while effectively absorbing impact during heel strikes when walking.

Rocking Sensation

The ergonomic sole design of the Bio-Thong helps individuals walk easier for longer, as it promotes a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off. Therefore, it's beneficial for those who suffer from tight calf muscles or other lower leg conditions.


Freeworld's Bio-Thongs are waterproof so that you can walk with confidence in any weather and clean them with ease, either by hand or machine! The unique rubber-based design also means they will bounce right back to their original shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right thong/flip-flop size?

Your thongs should fit like a glove, with minimal space around your toes and heel to ensure optimal arch support and comfort.

Are Freeworld’s thongs good for flat feet?

Yes. We have designed our thongs specifically to suit all walks of life, especially those that require extra arch support and heel cushioning (flat feet).

What are the best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

At Freeworld, all of our sneakers, thongs, slip-ons and slides are engineered to provide elite cushioning, arch and heel support to help relieve and prevent the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis. 

The shoe you decide on depends on the type of activity. If it is just for general walking, any shoe will work, but our sneakers are best if you are running or undergoing high impact exercise.

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