Unisex Flip Flop - Navy
Unisex Flip Flop - Navy
Unisex Flip Flop - Navy
Unisex Flip Flop - Navy
Unisex Flip Flop - Navy
Unisex Flip Flop - Navy

Unisex Flip Flop - Navy

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Flip-Flops for recovery

The Freeworld Australia original recovery thong sandal, with its rocking sole to strengthen the arch and ankle. The Original is the first iteration of what has now become our biomechanically engineered Bio-Thong.

A true action and recovery Flip-Flop.  

The classic thong gets a modern science twist in our recovery Flip-Flop. The ultimate everyday active sandal. The recovery Flip-Flop is constructed using our R4 cushioning technology for ultralight comfort and powerful shock absorption.

R4 stands for Relax, Repair, Refresh, Recover. Our technology ensures full foot care, whether active or taking it easy.

  • Relax – The massaging footbed and curved profile means that the sole of your foot is in the perfect position to de-stress at every point. Toes are extended and unflexed after hours of confinement in tighter shoes. Heels are protected from further impact and the feather-light, skin-soft material creates an almost barefoot feeling.
  • Repair – When you’ve been on your feet for long periods of time, your whole body has been in a state of tension. The rocking structure of the thong means that, as you walk, your muscles are extended and stretched. This releases them from habitual standing or walking positions, reducing cramps and allowing the body to repair naturally.
  • Refresh – Putting your feet up is not the only way to refresh yourself after a long day. In fact it can be more beneficial to treat your body to a proper warm-down, even if you’ve not technically been doing ‘exercise’. The Freeworld Australia Original Thongs allow you to refresh your body as you move, reducing the possibility of stiffness later in the day.
  • Recover – Your feet carry you the whole day. Allowing them to recover before another challenge is essential to reduce fatigue. Fully recovered and revived feet also fill you with more natural energy for the next day. Our recovery flip flop is guaranteed to make sure you have a spring back in your step the next morning.

Our anatomically designed footbed offers superior arch support, taking comfort and grip to a new level. With our four-way channel outsole that distributes foot weight for superior control, the Freeworld Flip-Flop is an easy choice for all-day activity.

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Odour-resistant | Non-marking | Waterproof | R4 technology | Impact absorption | Arch support | Rocking sensation | Waterproof | Massage footbed